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5 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Destroying Your Life

Mar 14, 2022

Firstly we are not here to demonise alcohol! Yes we are alcohol-free but for a large part of our lives we drank alcohol casually and in excess at the weekends. We took a break from booze and felt so good that we kept going and quit all together.

The benefits of not drinking and the opportunities that come with it are endless! We have tried living life with alcohol and without alcohol...without is far better! It's the cultural blindspot, the catalyst that trips people up with their health, exercise, nutrition, weight, mindset, relationships, sleep, and finances.

Below are 5 reasons why a few glasses of wine or pints of beer each week is tripping you up...


1.Booze wrecks your sleep

Do you think alcohol helps you sleep? Alcohol is one of the most misunderstood sleep aids out me, it doesn't help you sleep. In fact, it does the complete opposite by disrupting your deep restorative sleep cycles (REM) so you wake up feel tired and irritable. This affects your focus, energy levels and prevents you from being on your A-Game.


2. It enhances your stress and anxiety

The booze does not make you feel good. It may seem that way when you drink it but this is a misconception. We drink to feel better, however, alcohol artificially stimulates the pleasure and reward centre of your brain. It plays a trick on your brain making you feel great but at the same time altering other brain chemicals that are enhancing feelings of depression. As alcohol is a depressant, it can't relax you or make you feel any better. It will briefly slow down your thinking but will not truly relax you. Once the alcohol wears off, your stress and anxiety returns, often stronger than before.

Alcohol is a psychoactive drug that alters your perceptions, cognition, behaviours and mood. Alcohol is a depressant which means it causes a large part of your stress, anxiety and irritability. Crazy hey?!


3. Affects your productivity, mental clarity and focus

No one likes the feeling of being hungover and making poor food choices as you binge watch Netflix. Or trying to look after the kids when you are lacking energy and feeling irritable. Because alcohol wrecks your sleep and artificially stimulates your brains neurons and hormones it reduces your productivity, mental clarity and energy.

Imagine waking up in the morning, leaping out of bed and feeling completely ready to take on the day rather than feeling lethargic, unmotivated and having to drag yourself out of bed.

By going alcohol-free, you will gain deeper restorative sleep which in turn will improve your mental clarity and focus.Your learning and problem solving skills will improve along with improved decision-making skills and creativity. What's more, your productivity and energy levels will go through the roof and you will also be better able to control your emotions and behaviour.


4. It blocks your true confidence and authenticity

You may drink at parties to feel more relaxed or down a beer before talking to someone you’re attracted to. Yet does alcohol truly increase your confidence? The simple answer is no! 

It’s true that alcohol directly affects the brain, but not in positive ways. While drinking may make you feel a little more confident, it’s just a mask that you can hide behind. Self-acceptance without alcohol is the real way to find the strength to be yourself.


5. It directly impacts your health and weight loss journey

Studies show that alcohol temporarily reduces fat metabolism by 73%. In other words, when you drink alcohol, it’s harder for your body to burn your stored body fat pausing your weight loss. The calories in alcohol are 'empty' meaning that they have no nutritional value for you body. It is also very easy to consume excess calories from alcohol preventing you from being in calorie deficit to see fat loss.


If all of this resonates with you when you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol make sure you check out our alcohol reset challenge. The perfect guide to help you take a 30-day break from the booze. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE



Have you ever thought about taking a break from alcohol?





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