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Are You Drinking Enough Water? | The One Thing Holding You Back

Feb 21, 2022

Are you drinking enough water?


If you follow us on social media and read our posts you will have noticed that we talk a lot about water, especially Adam Mayhew.


It's a common problem that I see everyday working with clients. This is because it's a common problem across the UK! The average person in the UK only drinks 1.7 litres per day which is well below the 2.5 (for males) and 2.0 (for females) that is recommended by most leading health organisations (1).


Research has shown that staying hydrated can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Even mild dehydration takes its toll on our health which can lead to a dip in mood. So, staying hydrated is an essential component to your health and being on your a-game!


Your body is about 60% water and it's not easy to find one system of the body that does not require water. When it comes to your brain, 75% of its mass is water.


How much water do you need?

As mentioned above, leading health organisations (1) recommend 2.5 litres for males and 2.0 litres for females per day. If you are active, an everyday athlete, live in a hot climate then you will probably need to drink more. You'll also need to drink more water if you live in the mountains or at high altitude (2).

A good baseline equation is your body weight in kg x 0.033 = litres of water to be consumed throughout the day. So an 80kg male would require around 2.5litres per day.


Does water intake effect energy levels and brain function?

In short, yes! There are plenty of studies to support this.

Not drinking enough water up to 36 hours has effects on fatigue, attention and focus, reaction speed and short-term memory (3). Even mild dehydration can reduce physical performance! Just 1% loss of body water reduces muscle strength, power and endurance (4).


Does more water help prevent health issues?

Yes! There are several health issues which may respond well to staying hydrated including: constipation (5), kidney stones (6), urinary tract infections (7) and skin hydration (8).


Is it possible to drink too much?

Drinking too much water leads to overhydration.

Overhydration occurs when there is an imbalance of fluids. It happens when your body takes in or holds onto more fluid than your kidneys can remove. This build up of water dilutes important substances in your blood.


How can you keep check of your hydration?

By checking your pee every time you go to the bathroom!

Using your urine colour as your guide can be more helpful to know if you’re drinking enough (9). If it is dark yellow then you need to hydrate. If its clear then you are well hydrated. Aim for pale/light yellow straw colour.







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