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Are Your Actions Keeping You Above Or Below The Line? | The Success Formula

Feb 07, 2022

Are you a negative Nancy or a positive Peter? 


There’s an expression that simply asks, are you above the line? 


What line? Is it good to be above it? Why is the line there? 


Let me explain, asking this question purely outlines what your mindset is and where your head is at. 


There are typically 3 states when you’re above the line and 3 when you’re below it. 


The 3 positive states are as follows. 

Responsibility, Ownership and Accountability. 


Responsibility: Not everything is our fault but most of the time it is our responsibility. It may not be your fault that there’s a leak at the gym and you can train that day, but it is your responsibility to ensure you get your daily exercise in. Moaning about it won’t solve anything. 


Ownership: Fully own the situation you’re in right now, just accept it, get a plan and start taking action. By taking ownership of the situation it empowers you and gives you a sense of control. 


Accountability: The easiest person to lie is yourself, but the only person you can’t lie to is also yourself. Once you’re above the line and taking full accountability of your actions you will see new results. 


We always recommend getting a trainer, a coach or a mentor but even then, they can’t drag you kicking and screaming so make sure you’re accountable to yourself and you will start to results that didn’t even know were possible. 


The 3 negative ones are: 

Blame, excuses and denial. 


Blame: It’s so easy to play the blame game and alleviate any of the responsibility from yourself. 


This limits your potential to learn and grow from hard and leads toward a pathway of delusion and entitlement. 


If you had a part to play in something, take ownership of your situation and step up. 


Excuses: I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, my mum said this, my dad said that, I don’t have the resources blah blah blah. 


Most of the time the main reason we don’t succeed is because of our own misgivings or lack of planning/clarity. 


Excuses never serve us in a positive way and we then start to believe our bull shit instead of putting in the necessary work to progress.


Stop kidding yourself and start living a life on your own terms. For example, if you always say “I don’t have the time” check your screen time and see how much time you spend on Instagram. 


Denial: Denial is the first stage of lying to yourself. Denying that there’s an issue in the first place will mean you never actually get started and won’t make any changes. 


This is a dangerous narrative to create. It could be overconsumption of alcohol, being overweight, not being productive at work, not showing up in your relationship and then denying that there’s an issue will end in misery. 


When the proverbial cameras stop rolling, how do you really feel about yourself? What changes are you really looking to make?



Have you ever thought about taking a break from alcohol?





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