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THE GROW MODEL | Setting Goals that Work

Jan 24, 2022


The grow model was invented by John Whitmore to enable people to achieve their goals in the right way while being honest about where they’re at and where they want to go in their lives.


Most people set goals without the end result in mind and not accurately assessing their current behaviours and habits. 


This will always lead to frustration, demotivation and confusion. 


The more honest you can be the better the results you will see and you will move away from the negative attitude of phrases like “why always me”. 


The Grow Model can be applied to any area of your life and it stands for the following.


G-Goal. What do you want? What do you actually want? Not the hallmark card answer, the honest, real and hurtful truth. Without knowing what you want you will settle for anything and kid yourself that you’re happy with that outcome. Dare to dream with this, get excited by it, use your imagination and really test yourself. 


R- Reality. What is your current reality? Look at this objectively not emotionally. It’s very easy to get overly critical here but it won’t help you create a compelling future for yourself. Equally, be honest enough not to delude yourself and think it’s better than it is. Just deal with your reality. 


O-Options. What are the options that are presented to you currently and where could you go? What can you do right now to build momentum and not wait for the “perfect time”. 

We’ve all said diet starts tomorrow or I’ll wait till Monday. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so start taking action today and build those steps each day. 


W- Will. What can you commit to and when will you do it by? We call talk a good game and be an action talker. Instead, focus on being an action taker. What small things can you implement today? What resources do you need? Who’s content do I need to consume? 


By following this simple step by step process it’s going to set you up for success if applied in the right way.


Pairing this with a 4x4 goal habit tracker will really set your goals up to be something you can achieve in the longer run. CLICK HERE to download your Copy of the habit tracker.



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