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The Adams & Our Values 


Our Core Values


How We Do Anything Is How We Do Everything.

Our standards and results are the true parameters of our success. Whether that’s zoom meetings, body transformations or improving internal dialogue. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our performance and delivery.

Obsession With Progression

We ensure that our focus is on progression and not perfection. We work closely with our clients on day to day changes and implementing small daily habits. Momentum is everything as motivation only lasts so long.

We Don't Take Ourselves Too Seriously But We Take Our Craft Very Seriously.

We’re not your typical coaches, we believe we can combine humour and knowledge simultaneously. We make people feel comfortable by showing our imperfections and are accessible as possible.


3 Adam’s, 3 different skillsets and 1 common goal.

We are obsessed with your internal, physical and mental health. We want to share our expertise on these topics and help people with our simple, easy to follow blueprint. This is all achieved without joining the “5am club”, spending countless hours in the gym and doing fad diets.

Hi, I'm Adam Hindley

Founder | Physio 


Adam is a fitness and health professional who specialises in the biomechanics of the body. He is a physiotherapist with over 8 years of experience in his field. He is also a qualified Personal Trainer so he has an exceptional understanding of the human body.

Adam has dealt with thousands of clients including Olympic athletes. Adam also experienced his own incredible body transformation, featuring in national newspapers. He has the tools to help unlock your biggest pain points and guide you towards your fitness and body goals.

Hi, I'm Adam Smith

Founder | Life Coach


Adam specialises in looking at where you’re at, where you want to go and what’s standing in your way. Once you identify that, you can create new techniques to unlock your potential and live a more purposeful life.

He’s a qualified life coach and knowledge broker so he can help unlock your biggest fears, self doubts and earliest memories to create a more compelling future for you.

He teaches people how to develop a better morning routine and healthier habits. Having struggled with depression and overcoming suicidal thoughts, he has a great level of empathy and understanding around mental health.

Hi, I'm Adam Mayhew

Founder | Nutritionist


Adam is a specialist in all things nutrition and is also an ultra marathon runner. He will help you gain a much better understanding of the quality foods you are consuming, how to create an eating plan that works for you and your relationship with food.

He doesn’t believe in fad diets and quick fixes. He will show you how to implement small changes to your eating habits that will bring positive and lasting change.

His passion for health and well being is infectious and his knowledge is fantastic. His other main passion is trail running and ultra marathon running. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a complete novice, he can help you on your journey.

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