What We Do 

Corporate Wellness


The last 12 months have been extremely difficult for many reasons and our habits and routine have been thrown into disarray. Our aim is to further educate your employees on what we believe to be the holy trinity of health.

We will be talking about simple steps to improve your mental, internal and physical health.



 All things internal, physical and mental health. The mastermind covers all areas of health, followed by a Q&A.   

Breakout Workshops 


Fully immerse in health and wellbeing. The aim of the workshop is to share simple solutions to your employee's common day to day problems.  

6-Week  Health & Wellness Workshops

Lacking accountability is one of the reasons preventing lasting change. The 6 weeks of workshops will provide your team the accountability to make lasting change.

Complete Health Reset

Are you feeling stuck? stagnant? Or just a bit flat? We have designed the complete health reset program to get you out of that rut.

We do this by building better habits, fuelling your body with the right nutrients and getting your body moving in the way it is intended to be.

Group Coaching 


 You will have access to our weekly group coaching. We discuss internal, physical and mental health followed by Q&A and breakout sessions.

Personalised Programs


You will receive a personalised nutrition plan; a full mobility plan; a routine plan and a full understanding of how to set the right habits.

1-2-1 Coaching


You will receive 1-1 time with each coach. We will focus on accountability and creating the right strategy to achieve your goals.









Bring your A-Game Mastermind

Weekly Group Coaching

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